Make global sourcing work for you

Liz Samandi, Managing Director of Darian looks at how global sourcing can help British industry on the road to recovery. The manufacturing and engineering industries have suffered as much as any during the long years of recession. Whilst output is now up and the future looks brighter than it has for some time, companies cannot afford to …

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Quality and cost significant for manufacturing supply chain sourcing

Manufacturing supply chain sourcing can be dependent on a broad range of different criteria, but new research reveals that certain of these might be more important than they are to non-manufacturing companies. An article published in the International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling compares the priorities of manufacturing and non-manufacturing firms.The researchers …

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Manufacturing output growth nears record level

Figures for February 2014 show manufacturing output grew at a near-record level, rivalling the strongest months since data was first collected in 1975. The Confederation of British Industry surveys 380 manufacturers for the Industrial Trends Survey, and found 16 of 17 sectors within the industry expect their output to grow in the coming quarter.   …

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