Choosing a UK Global Sourcing Company

Advantages of UK Global Sourcing UK global sourcing has become an increasingly effective solution for finding low-cost services, products and materials for businesses when compared to domestic supply lines. The opening up of the global market has provided access to lower labour and manufacturing costs, resulting in greater profits and value for money. If your …

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What is Global Sourcing

What is Global Sourcing?

Global sourcing is when a company looks abroad to manufacture or purchase goods or services, taking advantage of global efficiencies not found domestically. Companies in countries like the UK and Germany are increasingly looking overseas to obtain the high-quality components needed in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Global sourcing has enabled many organisations to remain …

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5 Benefits of Using a Global Sourcing Company

Global sourcing involves buying services, products or materials from suppliers or manufacturers from outside your own country. Although sourcing domestically has a number of advantages – namely, faster logistics, improved production control and a shorter time to bring goods to market, overseas sourcing offers numerous advantages too. Here are just five of the benefits associated …

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Make global sourcing work for you

Liz Samandi, Managing Director of Darian looks at how global sourcing can help British industry on the road to recovery. The manufacturing and engineering industries have suffered as much as any during the long years of recession. Whilst output is now up and the future looks brighter than it has for some time, companies cannot afford to …

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15% of firms look to reduce supplier costs

More than one in seven UK private businesses are looking to reduce supplier costs over the coming year, according to figures from PricewaterhouseCoopers. In a survey conducted to coincide with the Budget speech earlier this month, PwC found the biggest factor preventing companies from investing in their future is economic uncertainty. This is followed by …

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