Pressings and Stampings

Darian can offer low, medium & high volume production utilising single or progression tooling.

Tooling is often designed and produced using in-house technologies resulting in low initial investment cost.

Parts can be offered in a full array of base materials including mild steel, stainless steel, wear resistant high strength steels, galvanised steel and aluminium and can be fully finished with additional processes such as plating, painting and machining.  We can supply in thicknesses up to 25 mm.

We offer our customers a wide choice between operations, materials, finishes and production volumes which include:

  • Laser & Plasma Cutting
  • Stamping and Pressing
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Darian demands the highest standards of manufacture from its ISO9001:2008/ TS 16949 accredited suppliers and quality control procedures are implemented at every stage to achieve the optimum solution.

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