Civil engineering apprenticeship numbers are soaring in the UK

Civil Engineering Apprenticeships Soar In UK

There’s been a sizable increase in UK civil engineering-related apprenticeships of late, providing a solid alternative in accessing the profession. It is, after all, no secret that there’s a skills gap in this sector, and attracting a new intake of industry specialists is a challenge. It’s an ongoing problem, which has driven the UK government …

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How can UK manufacturers remain competitive?

How Can UK Manufacturers Remain Competitive?

Back in March of this year, the UK manufacturing sector enjoyed its strongest month in more than a year. However, this appears to be due – at least in part – to higher outputs and record levels of stockpiling thanks to the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit. Therefore despite this good news, it’s more important than …

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What happens with global sourcing after Brexit

What Happens With Global Sourcing After Brexit?

Love it or hate it, Brexit continues to impact businesses in all sectors up and down the country. But how will the UK’s departure from the EU affect your business’s relationship with international suppliers? At this moment, no one can be exactly sure. The truth is that the consequences of Brexit will have a ripple …

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Top 10 questions asked around global sourcing

Top 10 Questions Asked Around Global Sourcing

1. What is global sourcing? Global sourcing is essentially when a company looks abroad to manufacture or purchase goods or services. It means taking advantage of global efficiencies not found domestically. 2. What are the advantages of global sourcing? There are many advantages to global sourcing, including: Lower manufacturing costs A broader range of suppliers …

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Why manufacturers are missing out on global sourcing

Why Manufacturers Are Missing Out On Global Sourcing

Global sourcing can offer huge benefits to manufacturing businesses, particularly when achieved in conjunction with an experienced global sourcing company like Darian. Production costs can be slashed whilst the quality of the products themselves remains high, which of course can have a very positive affect on a company’s bottom line. However, unfortunately many manufacturing companies …

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How white goods manufacturers can benefit from global sourcing

How White Goods Manufacturers Can Benefit From Global Sourcing

Manufacturers of white goods are increasingly finding it difficult to remain competitive and profitable in today’s crowded marketplace and challenging economic climate. Partnering with UK suppliers of precision machined components is no longer the only option, and business leaders are starting to ask “where can I source castings, forgings and other key components at a …

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Looking Ahead: The Future of Global Sourcing in 2019

Global sourcing is increasingly in demand in the manufacturing and engineering industries. Companies are more and more asking questions such as “where can I source quality castings and forgings at a more affordable price?” The answer lies in sourcing from overseas, and as we progress towards 2020, more businesses than ever before are turning to …

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3 Things to Look for in a Quality Supplier of Pressings and Stampings

Historically, the process of pressing or stamping (terms which are often used interchangeably), used to manipulate cold sheets of metal, were primarily for making bicycle parts as far back as the late 1800s. Today, pressings and stampings continue to be essential precision machine components for manufacturing and engineering industries that require metalwork, such as automotive …

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5 Compelling Reasons You Should Be Using a Global Sourcing Company

If you’re in the UK or German manufacturing industry, making wise purchasing choices are essential for the success of your business. There are several considerations to keep in mind when sourcing manufacturing materials and components. Generally, the most important of these is to keep costs down without compromising on quality. When you’ve got to adhere …

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