News Release 03.06.09 – Global survey shows manufacturing survey may have begun

Survey shows global manufacturing recovery may have begun

Further weight has been added to claims that the green shoots of recovery are starting to show through.  The claims have been supported by the publication of the results of a recent survey on trading comparisons and predictions by Darian, a global outsourcing company based in the Midlands.

The survey was carried out towards the end of last month (May) and was sent out to 50 companies across Europe and Asia, including India and China as well as more recent newcomers to the global sourcing industry from Eastern Europe.  As suppliers of Darian’s UK and European clients, the survey aimed to measure whether business was slowing down, stagnant or on the increase in the manufacturing industry.

Darian did this by asking each company if they had more orders in the second quarter than the first quarter of this year. They also asked each organisation whether expected to be busier in the last quarter of 2009 than they currently were.
Of the companies who replied, 62% said that they were busier now than early in the year, with over 74% predicting that this would increase still further by the end of

“We were pleased with results.  2008 has been a very difficult year for many of our clients and suppliers, so to see so many companies already experiencing growth and anticipating further growth is very encouraging” comments Elizabeth Samandi, Managing Director of Darian (  “As these organisations all supply to British businesses, as well as companies across Europe, it is a tangible sign that orders are up, supplies are increasing and that UK manufacturers may have experienced the worst of the recession.”

Background: the companies that responded to the survey came from India, China, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria. They operate in the following sectors: machinery, castings, assembly, sheet metal, forging, automotive, white goods, foundry, moulding and aerospace.