Laser Cutting and Fabrications

Laser cutting sheet metal

On robotic laser cutting machines

  • Cutting thickness up to 25 mm

2D Laser Tube cutting

This process offers great savings as the cost is lower than that of traditional tube processing methods.

  • Capacity up to 6 metres in length
  • Square profile up to 120 mm
  • Round profile up to 160 mm

Plasma cutting

on 4 plasma machines with dual cutting torch.

  • Cutting thickness up to 35 mm

Oxy-Fuel cutting

  • up to 250 mm and cutting table 12 x 3 metres

Bending and press forming

  • Press forming up to 16 metres in 1 piece
  • Bending up to diameter 5 m and thickness 60 mm

Manual, SAW and Robot welding

MIG/MAG/TIG and submerged arc welding

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Darian demands the highest standards of manufacture from its ISO9001:2008/ TS 16949 accredited suppliers and quality control procedures are implemented at every stage to achieve the optimum solution.

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