How UKTI Export Week could change your views on global sourcing

April 7th-11th 2014 is UK Trade & Investment’s Export Week – so what does exporting from the UK to other countries have to do with the global sourcing of components as imports into the UK?

The answer lies in a seminar on intellectual property rights which is due to take place in Nottingham on April 10th.

In the session, UKTI will warn about a lack of understanding of international IP rights – such as the mistaken belief that, once obtained in one jurisdiction, IP rights are universal.

“It is important to understand the IP environment in the potential export market as much as it is to understand all other facets of the business environment in that market,” says UKTI’s brochure for the event.

Similar concerns apply to the global sourcing of components via import – and specialist suppliers like Darian work hard to overcome any such issues.

We audit suppliers before the first order is placed and ensure that the supply chain is secure, from the point of source right through to delivery in the UK.

We regularly review the supplier’s status to ensure they still hold any necessary accreditation, and encourage continuous improvement.

And we help you to overcome any language barriers, with associate offices to negotiate with native speakers, and a UK-based warehousing facility where components are checked before dispatch.