How Can UK Manufacturers Remain Competitive?

Back in March of this year, the UK manufacturing sector enjoyed its strongest month in more than a year. However, this appears to be due – at least in part – to higher outputs and record levels of stockpiling thanks to the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit. Therefore despite this good news, it’s more important than ever that manufacturing companies keep their finger on the pulse and stay one step ahead. To do this, it’s vital they adopt various technologies that will enable them to remain agile and productive as the manufacturing landscape forever changes and evolves.

The Internet of Things

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), especially the Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a particularly useful way of helping to future-proof the manufacturing sector. Connected devices can quickly improve the flow of production in manufacturing plants, and facilitates the constant monitoring of inventories and development cycles. It also enables manufacturers to disrupt sales processes digitally and develop frictionless commerce experiences to help them continue to be competitive in a world that is constantly changing.

Traditional B2B sales processes can be complex, requiring plenty of time, effort and management from the buyer’s side. This isn’t ideal, as most buyers hold ease of purchase in the highest regard when reaching a decision. Fortunately, by utilising IIoT correctly, manufacturers can drastically reduce the complexity surrounding their sales processes. This technology can also enable them to reduce friction and streamline the production process, especially in regard to routine or repeated reordering.


The ability to provide analysis and insights in real-time to buyers is a massive advantage for manufacturers. This “data-as-a-service” massively cuts down time and financial pressures whilst adding value to client relationships. This is because providing buyers with analysis and insights quickly will then empower them to make well-informed business decisions. As a result, buyers will start to prioritise working with manufacturers that offer this service, facilitating their future growth and therefore building long-term partnerships.

The point to remember is that manufacturing will undoubtedly go through periods of boom-and-bust just like any other industry. How individual manufacturers fare going forward depends essentially on how quickly they can adapt to changes and challenges beyond their control. Granted, 2019 has been a positive year for manufacturing by enlarge, but the wider political and economic uncertainty means things can change very quickly.

Subscription models

Subscription models have also recently provided a significant benefit to buyers, which involves suppliers sending out parts automatically when equipment is due for replacement. This increases efficiency whilst getting rid of unnecessary check-ins – in fact it’s been show to cut almost 20% from manufacturer’s annual budgets.

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