Global Sourcing at Hannover Messe 2009

Global Sourcing stands at Hannover Messe
Global Sourcing stands at Hannover Messe

We have just packed up the stand and will be flying back home to the UK later this evening.  In my time at Darian Global Sourcing I’ve been all over the world visiting suppliers and clients, but these past 5 days have been rather more tiring shall we say than the average trip abroad.  That said, it has been a wonderful experience for us with a huge interest from visitors to the stand in what we do and in our years of experience in global sourcing.  In fact it has made us realise that we very well placed to help a good number of the companies we have spoken to and just how much money we could save them.  Many of them have considered global outsourcing in the past but have simply failed to know where to start or didn’t want to make costly mistakes.

A few facts and figures we have just received from the organisers’ office will give you an idea of the scale of the past 5 days. Around 210,000 visitors came to Hannover for the event – one in four of them from abroad. 70 percent of the show’s foreign visitors were from other European nations, while approximately 19 percent came from Asia and over 7 percent from the Americas. Apart from the host nation of Germany, the biggest visitor contingents came from the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, India, Denmark and Italy, in that order.

“Considering the tight travel budgets at many companies, visitor turnout from abroad was significantly higher than expected,” noted Dr. von Fritsch, who went on to equate this with the “unflagging popularity of Hannover Messe”, adding: “Exhibitors and visitors know they can count on Hannover Messe to deliver major benefits. With its seamless coverage of industrial sectors, its strong international appeal and its unparalleled array of themes, this event is a definite ‘must’ for countless enterprises.”

I think I would agree with this comment. “Everyone is heading off from the show with a shot of confidence, ready to surmount the problems they face and seize the opportunities available,” commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board Chairman Wolfram von Fritsch at the end-of-show press conference on Friday. “Our exhibitors gave proof positive that the drive to innovate is as powerful as ever. Rather than dwelling on the crisis and agonizing over its causes, this show was about finding the most promising ways forward.”

Would we come back next year?  At the moment I would say yes, but ask me again once I’ve got home safely with our stand intact.