Darian Showcases the Advantages of Global Sourcing at the Northern Manufacturing Show 2019

Held in Manchester on the 2nd and 3rd October, the Northern Manufacturing Show is this year’s must-visit event for anyone involved in design, engineering production and procurement. With 250 exhibitors and over 3000 industry visitors, it’s a big day in the business calendar.

Darian is proud to be taking part and will be exhibiting at the show on stand A27. As a leading global sourcing company, all attendees and exhibitors are invited to come along and find out more about how global sourcing can benefit the supply chain of manufacturing companies across a broad range of industries.

We live in a global economy where exceptional value, premium quality products and processes are the key to success. So how can global sourcing benefit your business?

1. Outstanding quality products

Your customers and clients deserve the highest quality products possible. By using a market-leading global sourcing company such as Darian, you can rest assured that product quality is consistent. Established, professional global sourcing companies have access to a wide network of trusted local partners who can cover every aspect of quality control at very competitive costs.

2. Value for money

Companies that choose to work alongside an experienced global sourcing partner such as Darian will see almost instant cost savings. Sourcing engineering components including CNC machined components, castings, stamped parts, pressings and welded assemblies from overseas can be vastly cheaper than sourcing them domestically. This is largely due to lower overseas labour and manufacturing costs which can be great news for profit margins.

3. Bolstering your skills and gaining access to new resources

Certain skills and resources may be in short supply domestically whilst being more abundant and accessible overseas. By taking advantage of these resources and knowledge from abroad, companies can gain a valuable edge over their competitors. This is especially the case when skillsets are unique or hard to obtain.

4. Higher production capacity and greater resilience

Certain other countries may have bigger, more established manufacturing sites and infrastructure offering a higher production capacity than those in existence domestically. This means that more products can be created in less time and in a less labour-intensive manner. Not only does this allow for better cost-effectiveness but more locations can mean greater resilience too.

Discover more about Darian and global sourcing at the Northern Manufacturing Show 2019

Since the company was established in 1986, Darian has worked alongside a massive range of world famous brands in gaining a competitive edge and boosting market share. Highly experienced in sourcing outstanding quality products at the lowest comparative production costs, Darian’s background is exclusively in engineering and manufacturing. The company is proud to specialise in the supply of technically challenging, high quality components to the manufacturing industry in the UK and Germany specifically.

If you’d like to talk to us about any aspect of outsourcing abroad and how it can benefit your business, come and visit us on stand A27 at the Northern Manufacturing Show this year. We look forward to seeing you there.