What is Global Sourcing

What is Global Sourcing?

Global sourcing is when a company looks abroad to manufacture or purchase goods or services, taking advantage of global efficiencies not found domestically. Companies in countries like the UK and Germany are increasingly looking overseas to obtain the high-quality components needed in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Global sourcing has enabled many organisations to remain …

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Developing sustainable global supply chains

Developing Sustainable Global Supply Chains

Sustainable Supply Chains It has become increasingly apparent that sustainability should be a key focus for businesses and consumers in 2021, with the COVID-19 Pandemic and climate crisis highlighting the impact of global supply chains on natural resources and the environment. The ‘Capgemini Research Institute’ latest report signifies that 79% of consumers changed their shopping …

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How much of your supply chain is at risk

Is Your Supply Chain at Risk?

From the pandemic to a ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal, there’s been no shortage of supply chain disruptions recently.  Businesses without contingency plans were the hardest hit because of an over-reliance on “just in time” manufacturing. Others because their supply chain was so fragile that the slightest disruption upset things. A smooth, efficient …

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Sourcing Components From Abroad: Risks and Rewards

Sourcing Components Abroad With many risks and rewards that stem from sourcing components abroad, here we will go through the main points so that your business can stay profitable. With the right approach, sourcing products from elsewhere can benefit your business because you can search for quality items at a better value. The Internet has …

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return to pre-pandemic output in 2021 statista

A double hit for supply chains: Brexit and COVID-19

The combined effects of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit have impacted some business sectors more than others.  Take the car industry for example which has been impacted by both of these challenges. Due to COVID-19 consumer demand for vehicles has plunged, trickling through the supply chain. Adding Brexit into the mix a car produced in …

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What’s The Impact of E-procurement on SMEs?

Did you know nearly 6 million small businesses existed in the UK at the start of 2019? If you’ve taken the plunge yourself , you’ll know that keeping a small business afloat can be a massive challenge. Larger more established organisations often enjoy a much bigger amount of working capital, plus technologies and processes to …

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Looking At The Challenges of Digital Transformation In Construction

Challenges of Digital Transformation In Construction

Construction companies have long appeared to struggle with embracing the benefits of digital platforms. However, digitisation is here to stay so it’s important to think about why this might be. Consider this common scenario in the construction industry; a company works for many years on designing new software platforms – 5D BIM for example. It …

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Civil engineering apprenticeship numbers are soaring in the UK

Civil Engineering Apprenticeships Soar In UK

There’s been a sizable increase in UK civil engineering-related apprenticeships of late, providing a solid alternative in accessing the profession. It is, after all, no secret that there’s a skills gap in this sector, and attracting a new intake of industry specialists is a challenge. It’s an ongoing problem, which has driven the UK government …

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How can UK manufacturers remain competitive?

How Can UK Manufacturers Remain Competitive?

Back in March of this year, the UK manufacturing sector enjoyed its strongest month in more than a year. However, this appears to be due – at least in part – to higher outputs and record levels of stockpiling thanks to the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit. Therefore despite this good news, it’s more important than …

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What happens with global sourcing after Brexit

What Happens With Global Sourcing After Brexit?

Love it or hate it, Brexit continues to impact businesses in all sectors up and down the country. But how will the UK’s departure from the EU affect your business’s relationship with international suppliers? At this moment, no one can be exactly sure. The truth is that the consequences of Brexit will have a ripple …

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