About Us

Darian has been at the forefront of international global sourcing ever since the company was established in 1986. We supply a wide range of custom manufactured components to leading OE manufacturers in the UK and Germany.

We specialise in the supply of castings, forgings, CNC machining, pressings, stampings and fabrications as component parts or sub-assemblies.

Many companies are faced with constant pressures to reduce manufacturing costs in a climate of ever increasing costs and lower margins. There is a growing realisation within the manufacturing sector that in order to survive and succeed they have to look to outsourcing production.

At Darian we have professionally qualified staff with a wealth of experience who are able to help you achieve this goal. Darian is represented globally in various locations across Europe, India and the Far East and locally employed staff support the activities of the UK based head office. We believe in providing quality components sourced from the most competitive suppliers and offering the best customer service. When you buy from Darian you get great customer service, supply chain management, quality control, on-time delivery and warehousing at no direct cost.

Darian acts as an extension of your purchasing department.

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