Global sourcing of engineered components

Make global sourcing work for you

For the past 30 years Darian has been helping companies benefit from the advantages global sourcing has to offer.

As purchasing professionals with backgrounds in engineering and manufacturing, we have a wealth of experience in low cost sourcing. We supply technically challenging, high quality components to the manufacturing industry in the UK and Germany.

Darian’s expertise is to ensure the lowest comparative production cost at consistent quality, delivering great value to our clients.

Since 1986 when Darian was established we have helped many world renowned companies gain a competitive edge over their competitors resulting in increased market share.

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We demand the highest standards of manufacture from accredited suppliers.

Quality control procedures are implemented at every stage to achieve the optimum solution. Our manufacturing sites produce to ISO 9001/ TS 16949 standards.

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Benefit from Darian’s expertise in global sourcing

Darian’s expertise is to deliver great value to our clients – engineered components of consistent quality, delivered to schedule and at the lowest comparative production cost.

Do you want to find a new supplier, but don’t know where to begin?

Experience shows that new and reliable suppliers are hard to find so why burden your engineering and purchasing departments with trying to find new and reliable suppliers – let Darian’s professional purchasing team do this for you.  As a single point of contact we can take care of quality, order scheduling and on-time delivery.  Darian can add value to your business, but without any additional cost.

Have you tried to outsource, but hit upon difficulties?

By outsourcing purchasing to Darian you will benefit from consistent high quality, reliable supply at significantly reduced cost and at the same time you will avoid quality issues, language barriers, unreliable supply, differences in business culture and multi-currency handling.

We have been very successful supplying well known OEM clients for more than 30 years Read how we have benefited some of these clients in our Case Studies.

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Globally sourced products & components

Darian supplies a range of globally sourced engineering products and components which are manufactured to meet specific customer requirements and quality standards.

We are a team of dedicated experts serving the UK and europe

The Darian team is a group of experienced professionals who offer dependable, cost-effective, yet always top-quality solutions to your manufacturing and purchasing challenges.

Case Studies

Do you buy in castings, stampings and other subcontracted components?

Stay competitive with Darian global sourcing